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Goodbye, Lamont – Top 5 Gaffes

Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont, has announced that she is to step down from her leadership position, claiming that the party’s voice is merely an echo of their Westminster puppet-masters. She claims, in her exclusive interview with the Daily Record, UK Labour “[does] not understand the politics [it’s] facing” and that some party members “need to realise that the focus of Scottish politics is now Holyrood”.

Oh, dear. So, Johann Lamont is stepping down because of too much interference from Westminster politicians in Scottish affairs? That’s awful, Johann. If only there was something we could have done to change Scottish politics.

Of course, her resignation has absolutely nothing to do with being very poorly received by two former First Ministers or her good friend, Margaret Curran, who was apparently urging people to persuade her to resign. No, it’s actually to do with an issue that Johann and her party campaigned to keep last month.

With her resignation, we thought  it would be fitting to count down the top 5 Johann Lamont gaffes. Here we go…

5. Wee Things


4. Next Question Please


3. Failing to Explain Labour’s Devolved Tax Proposals


2. All Those Times She Was Incredibly Petty During FMQs


1. We Are Not Genetically Programmed


Also, we couldn’t round this article off without reminding everyone of the time that James Cook perfectly summed up her political career. Enjoy!


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